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October 8, 2012
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In the modern Germany, the real old germanic names are said to be old-fashioned and so they´re
starting to die out with the new generations. The Germans give their babies usually foreign names.
For example:

Hebrewish: Daniel, Michael, Anna, Maria, Magdalena...
Latin: Markus, Viktoria, Felix, Maximilian...
Old-Greek: Lukas, Sophia, Stefan, Katharina...
French: Chantalle, Agnes, Andre...
And today more and more English: Kevin, Justin, Mandy, Jenny, Jason...
Also very short names are "trendy" like: Tim, Tom, Max, Mia...

The Germans begin to lose a part of their identity and tradition and replace their names
with foreign ones, a very bad trend that could wipe out all real germanic names soon.
The Germans think the names of their grandparents sound bad, what a mess...

The old germanic names were mostly constructed of two words, for example Siegfried is made of
Sieg (victory) and Fried(en) (peace).

Meaning of the germanic names:

Name of an animal (wolf, eagle, bear...):

Name of protection:

Name of glory and honour:

Name of knowledge:

Name of friendship:

Name of reign:

Name of fight, war and weapons:

Name of folk, ancestors and the fatherland:

Name of other things:

300 typicall germanic names:


Adolf, Adolph (noble wolf)

Albin (the sheltered friend)

Aldemar (Famous by noble intentions)

Alfred (the one giving advice with the help of elves)

Archibald (Outstanding, fears nothing)

Armin (strong, powerful like an eagle)

Arnold (ruling Adler)

Arthur, Arthur (the bear)

Baldur (the Radiant, Norse God)

Baldwin, Balko (courageous and loyal friend)

Bernhard (strong as a bear)

Bernulf (strong as a bear and tough as a wolf)

Berthold (the brilliant ruler)

Björn (strong as a bear)

Bodo (the famous ruler)

Brandolf (the swordsman; tough as a wolf)

Burkhard (bold protector)

Dagobert (bright as the shining day)

Dankward (wise protector)

Degenar (heroic eagle)

Degenhart (brave warrior)

Detlef, Detlev (be a son of the folk)

Dietger, Dieter (fighter of the people)

Dietmar, Detmar (the popularly known)

Dietrich (the Mighty, the ruler of the people)

Dankmar (famous thinker)

Eberhard (strong as a boar)

Eckart (the sword-strong man)

Edward (the protector of the inherited property)

Egmont (the protector with shielding sword)

Einar (the one who fights alone in front of the others)

Elmar (famous spearmen with noble intention)

Engelbert (the shiny famous fighter of the Anglo-Saxons)

Erik, Erik (powerful, rich and full of honour)

Ernst (ready for the fight)

Erwin (the friend of the army)

Falko (the falcon)

Farold (the ruler)

Ferdinand (the bold protector)

Folk Ward (the guardian of the people)

Frank (the Free)

Friedrich, Fritz (rich in peace, powerful protector)

Gaidemar (the famous Lancer)

Gandolf, Gandulf, Gandalf (the fierce wolf)

Gerald (the ruling spear)

Gerhard, Gerd (the bold javelin thrower)

Gerwin (The spear-friend)

Gilbert (Famous by gallantry)

Gisbert (the noble and capable warrior of arrows)

Godwin (the friend of the gods)

Goswin (the friend of the Goths)

Gotmar (the Famous among the gods)

Gottfried (the people under protection of the gods)

Gottlieb (The son of the gods)

Günther (the leader of the fighters)

Gustav (the rest of the fight)

Hagen (The protector)

Harald, Harold (the soldier-king)

Hartmut (strong spirit)

Hedwig (Combat)

Heinrich, Heinz, Hendrik, Heiko (the powerful farm owner)

Helmar (the famous protector)

Helmut (the brave protector)

Herbert (in the army shining)

Hermann, Germann (the warrior, the spearman)

Holger (Spear warrior)

Horst (the protector of the home)

Hubert (brilliant mind)

Igor, Ingmar, Ingo (derivative of "Ing (wio)", a Germanic tribal god)

Irmbert Irmin (the powerful protective peace)

Irminar (who is like a mighty eagle)

Irvin (the seafriend)

Isbert (like the glittering iron hard)

Iwo (the yew affiliated)

Karl (the Free)

Knut (the daring)

Konrad (the bold counselor)

Kunolf (the wolf clan)

Kurt (the gloss from the clan)

Lando, Landogar (the fighter for the home)

Leif (the heir)

Leonard, Leonhard (strong for the people)

Leopold (the bold in the nation)

Lothar (the popular)

Ludwig (the glorious fighters)


Malte (the advisor of the National Assembly)

Malvin, Melvin (courthouse square, friend)

Manfred (The Man of Peace)

Marbod (the master of the horse)

Markward (the border guardian)

Modorok (the one who bravely rises the voice)

Mutbrecht (the brilliant mind)

Neidhart (the bold warrior)

Norbert (the magnificent norse man)

Nordger (the spearmen of the north)

Nordwin (the friend of the north)

Norman (the man from the north)

Notker (the sword swinging warrior)

Odin (the raged god)

Olaf (descendant of the ancestors)

Oskar (under the protection of the Asen gods)

Oswald (the by the Asen gods inspired man)

Oswin (the friend of the Asen)

Otmar, Otto (the famous man by his genetic material)

Ottokar (the guardian of his heritage)

Ragin (the excellent guide)

Raimund (the best protector)

Rainer (the councilor)

Rambod, Ramgar (the all seeing embattled)

Rango (the warrior)

Ratmar (the famous guide)

Reinhold (the ruler of the purposes of the gods)

Richard (rich, powerful and strong)

Richwin (the mighty friend)

Robert (shining glory)

Ronald (the glory of the country)

Rüdiger (glorious spear)

Rudolf, Rolf, Ralf, Ralph (the glory of the Wolf)

Sarolf (the armed Wolf)

Sebald, Siegbald (the bold champion)

Siegmund, Sigmund (victory & Protection)

Siegfried, Siggi, Sigurd (Victory and Peace)

Sigmar (the famous winner)

Sindolf (the gloss on the trip)

Sonnwinn (friend of the Sun)

Sven (the young warrior)

Swidger (fast spear)

Tankred (the thinking guide)

Tassilo (unknown)

Thamuze (Oath-keeper)

Thilo (in the mighty Wolf)

Thor (thunder)

Thorbrand (Thor's sword)

Thorleif (son of Thor)

Thorsten (dedicated to the god Donar / Thor)

Throals (the spirit of Thor)

Trautwin (the powerful friend)

Uland, Ulrich, Udo (home & heritage)

Ulbert (the famous owner)

Ulf (teeth like a wolf)

Ulfrsson (wolf-son)

Uwe, Uwo (the owner)

Vanadis (name from Norse mythology)

Volker, Volkher (the folk hero)

Volkmar (the popularly famous man)

Volkwin (the friend of the people)

Volkward (the protector of the people)

Waldemar (famous ruler)

Walter, Walter (the ruler of the army)

Werner (from the Wanen gods coming)

Wiborg (the protective warrior)

Widukind (the son of the forest)

Wigberg (the magnificent fighter)

Wilhelm (Will & Protection)

Willibald (the bold will)

Winimar (the famous friend)

Wolfgang (Way of the Wolf)

Wolfram (Wolf & Raven)


Adelberga (noble and protective)

Adelgard (noble and peace-creating)

Adelheit (noble creature, kind of noble)

Almut, Almudis (the noble)

Alrun, Alveradis (who knows the secret of the Elves)

Alsuna (the noble Sun)

Amalia (has reference to the Ostrogothic royal family)

Astrid (the Asen rider)

Baltrun (the bold secret wearer)

Berta, Bertha (The Shining)

Bertlinde (the brilliant campaigner)

Bertrun (the famous rune lore)

Bilhildis (the hatchet - fighter)

Brigitte, Birgit, Britta (the sublime)

Brunhilde (the armored fighter)

Dagmar (the broad daylight)

Dagny (the new day)

Dankrun (knowing the secrets thinker)

Dietrun (who knows the secret of the people)

Disrun (fighting Valkyrie)

Edburga, Edda (the protecting their wealth)

Edelgard (The guardian of Noble)

Edeltraud (with noble sentiments fortified)

Edigna (the tribe of noble)

Eila (The Shining)

Elfgard (sorrounded by elves)

Elfriede (Nature Spirit, peace)

Elfrun (who knows the secret of the Elves)

Elke (kind of noble)

Elvira (the sublime)

Emma (the sublime)

Erika (powerful, rich and ehrvoll)

Erlgard (protective mistress)

Fara (the moving ruler)

Fehild (the joy of battle has)

Ferun (the pleasure caster)

Finja (the Finn)

Frauke (the cheerful lady)

Freya, Freya (mistress; Germanic goddess of love and beauty)

Friederike, Frigga (rich of peace)

Gefion (the donor, the donor)

Gelsa (the Good Courageous one)

Gerda (the strong spear fighter)

Gerlinde (the spear and shield fighter)

Gertrude (who has the power over the spears)

Gisela, Gisela (hostage; Shaft)

Gismara (the famous Arrow fighter)

Godelief (the beloved of God)

Gudrun (fighting Sorceress)

Gunhild (the mighty warrior)

Gwendoline (the way)

Hadwinga, Hedda, Heidi (the capable fighter)

Hagarun (Protection District & secret)

Hallgard (Stone & Protection)

Heidrun (the noble shape knows of the secrets)

Heike, Henrike (sitting on a huge yard)

Helga, Hella (which carries the healing in itself)

Helgard (healing & protection)

Herline (army & shield)

Hermine (wife of the Army)

Herta (reference to the goddess of the earth)

Hildegard (fighter and protector)

Hilke, Hilde (the fighter)

Iduna, Idun, Ida (the seer, Norse goddess of eternal youth)

Inga, Inge (the people under the protection of God "Ing (wio)")

Ingrid (derivative of "Ing (wio)", a Germanic tribal god)

Ingrun (the secret)

Inka (unknown)

Irmela, Irma (the Great)

Irmgard (Protecting the World)

Irmina (the Tall)

Isolde (the iron ruler)

Kriemhield (the fighter under the mask)

Kunheide (the radiant of the clan)

Kunna (the family's daughter)

Kunrada (counselor of the clan)

Laila, Leila (the wise)

Landerun (who knows the secret of the home)

Liebgard, Linda (Love & Protection)

Lioba (the lovely, love)

Luitberga (the protector of the people)

Luithilde (the fighter for the people)

Lykke (the happy)

Marada (the famous one through her Council)

Margund (the famous fighter)

Mathilde (in mighty battle)

Merlinde (famous protector)

Minna (the love)

Minnegard (the full loving guardian)

Nanna (the Bold, wife of the Norse god Baldur)

Northild, Nordgard (the fighter of the North)

Nortrud (the north mighty)

Nortrun (secret bearer of the North)

Norwiga (Norse warrior)


Oda, Odila, Odalinde (genetic & ownership)

Ortlind, Orthilde (the Sheltered by the sword)

Ortrun (who knows the secret of the sword)

Osgard (which is under the protection of the Asen)

Osrun (Asen & secret)

Ostara (the Vernal, goddess of spring)

Othilde (fighting for their property)

Raginhild, Ragna, Reinhilde (Gods & Fighting)

Reingard (Gods & Protection)

Richarde (the bold mistress)

Rigmor (the rich Maid)

Rinelda (the heroic consultant)

Romilda (the famous fighter)

Roswitha (much fame and power)

Runhild, Runa (Mystery & Struggle)

Salgard (guardian of the house)

Sarhild (ready fighter)

Saskia (the Saxon)

Swanhilde, Swantje (the beautiful swan fighter)

Sif, Siv (the wife of the Norse god Thor)

Sigga (the victor)

Siglinde, Sieglinde (the Victorious)

Sigrid (riding for the win)

Sigrun (win & Rune)

Silke (short for Gisela)

Sisgards (magical guardian)

Solveig (Sun & Fight)

Stilla (the quiet peaceful)

Sunhild, Sunna, Sunje, Sunja (the champion of the light)

Tanka (with the woman have thought)

Tatjana, Tanja (unknown)

Teuderun (who knows the secret of the people)

Thusnelda (the giant fighter; name of the wife of Arminius the Cherusci)

Tilrun (the secret knowing)

Trudildis, Trude (the loving fighter)

Tyra (Thor & Struggle)

Ulricke, Ulrike (home & Heritage)

Ursula (Jaunty Fill)

Uta (has the inheritance)

Walburga (the protective mistress)

Walda (the protective fighter)

Waltraud (the mighty ruler)

Wibke (in the fight Shiny)

Widogard (the guardian of the forest)

Wilberta (the brilliant campaigner)

Wilfriede (desire for peace)

Wilgard (Protecting the Peace)

Wiltraud, Wiltraut (with the mighty will)

Wisgard (way guardian)

Wunna (Joy)
Deutsche Vornamen
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Kemikell Featured By Owner Edited Aug 23, 2014
Mein Name ist Marvin, leider kein (voll) germanischer. Die deutsche Aussprache "Marwin" ist soweit ich weiß aber germanisch und bedeutet berühmter Freund. Also kann ich mit leben. Meinen Sohn würde ich wahrscheinlich Konrad oder Friedrich nennen (die werden auch nicht negativ angesehen), obwohl auch ehrbare Namen wie Otto schön wären.
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014
Ich hab auch nur einen lateinischen Namen wobei man theoretisch von jedem Namen die Bedeutung rausfinden und übersetzen kann^^
konstantinpalailogos Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Foreign things aren't inherently bad, and naturally you can't force people to decide names for their children; but it is a mite disappointing that the Germans take no pride or joy in their native names.  A sad trend but what can one do?
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
No itīs not, itīs only when itīs too much, and the Germans begin to not use any german name anymore,
nothing only hebrewish, old-greek, american, french or completely abstract ones.

Well the Germans must change sth. I will give my children real german names. The main problem is,
who they love. Atm they love american stars, and as long as we donīt admire our own historical people
and heroes, the names wonīt come back.
All history-interested or patriotic Germans I meet wanna use the names of our famous people. But the masses
have no clue of history.
Temeraire-sama Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Diese Liste ist genial *^* !

Ich bin ja generell immer auf der Suche nach tollen Namen und dann auch noch ne so große mit Übersetzungen *^*

Einfach klasse :'D
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014
Oh vielen Dank, freut mich wenn jemand die Liste braucht :)
HelheimsShaman Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
In a book called "Die Stimme der Ahnen", Wolf Sorensen talks about how the names that German people give their children show either the purity and strength of their patriotism and ethnic pride, or the extent to which it has fallen if they use a lot of non-German names for their children. I don't think he'd be too pleased with the state of affairs now!…
Arminius1871 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
I will give my children real german names, I prefer Ludwig for a boy, Iīm not yet sure which name Iīd choose for a girl.
What would you, use?
HelheimsShaman Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I've always like Silke, Elke and Roswitha. Oh, how about Irmgaard?
Idontknowwhoyouknow Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Isn't Gertrude Scottish?
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